Best Locations In Delhi/NCR To Buy An Office Space In 2023

One of India’s most attractive locations for commercial office space is Delhi/NCR, which offers some of the best office space in the Delhi/NCR.

Multinational companies call Delhi/NCR home because the region offers them all the resources they need to run smoothly. Here is a list of some of the best office space in Delhi/NCR.

The best office space in Delhi/NCR is desired by most entrepreneurs due to the diversity, culture, skills, and talent it offers. In addition, Delhi/NCR working population is perfect for SMEs and startups.

Companies are making changes to the working environment in an effort to get workers back to the offices following the downfall of Covid-19. Because of this, we can see the greatest increase in demand for best office space in Delhi/NCR, followed by other major cities.


5 Most Prominent Locations to Acquire Best Office Space in the Delhi/NCR

1. Nehru Place

Who wouldn’t want the best office space in Delhi/NCR, Asia’s largest IT market? Nehru Place, the largest IT market in Asia, offers a variety of hardware and software products at very reasonable prices. You read that right.

Nehru Place, which is close to a metro station, is one of the best places for large enterprises to get managed office space.

The most well-known corporate building in Nehru Place is Vardhman Trade Center, which offers the best office space in Delhi/NCR for lease, filled with a variety of amenities.

2. Shalimar Bagh

One of the best office space in Delhi/NCR can be found at Shalimar Bagh. In fact, the northwest corner of the city is a good location. The fact that Shalimar Bagh is divided into several blocks makes everyday commuting easier for both employers and employees.

The area is easily accessible by metro, bus, cab, and even by personal vehicle. Because of how engaging the entire area is for employees to visit and work in, it is considered to be the best office space in Delhi/NCR.

The Shalimar Garden, also known as the Mughal Garden, is a great area for employees to socialize with one another and refresh before returning to work with a proactive attitude.


The Ambience Tower is a stand-alone building in Shalimar Bagh where you may rent the best office space in Delhi/NCR that is completely furnished and tech-enabled.

3. Sector – 53, Golf Course Road

Again, one of Gurgaon’s most premium locations, Golf Course Road provides the best office space in Delhi/NCR and draws large and medium-sized businesses.

The variety of entertainment options and close proximity to the cyber city are what attract business owners the most to purchase a managed office space close to Golf Course Road. Due to its proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport, this location is popular for both residential and commercial office space.

Paras Downtown Centre is one of the most famous commercial buildings located on the main Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, and offers best office space in Delhi/NCR.

4. Sector-125, Noida

You can find the best office space in Delhi/NCR. Several local and international businesses are housed by the “New Okhla Industrial Development Authority” (Noida). It is a part of the Delhi/NCR region and is also referred to as the satellite city of Delhi.

Along with Delhi and Gurgaon, Noida is a planned city that has evolved into one of the top locations for commercialization and entrepreneurship. Additionally, it provides some of the best office space in Delhi/NCR. The diverse population and engaging quality of life in Noida draw practically every company to establish or grow their operations there.

The two most profound commercial buildings in which you can acquire best office space in Delhi/NCR are Add India Heights and Add India Centre.  

5. Sector-16, Noida

Sector-16 offers some of the best office space in Delhi/NCR and has been one of Noida’s most popular commercial areas for the past 20 years.

As was already said, Noida is a planned city with 163 diverse sectors that is built to provide the greatest infrastructure resources for both commercial and residential uses.

The World Trade Tower, one of the largest commercial buildings in the Delhi/NCR region, is located in Noida’s sector-16. If you’re looking for the best office space in Delhi/NCR, WTT is your best option because this commercial building is filled with numerous major corporations.

6. Statesman House, Connaught Place, Delhi

The Statesman House, located at Barakhamba Road in the centre of Connaught Place, provides easy access to various city areas as well as some of the best office space in Delhi/NCR. One of Delhi’s most impressive modern buildings, Statesman House offers a 360-degree perspective of the nation’s capital.

The best office space in Delhi/NCR may be found in Southern Park, a commercial building in Saket, one of south Delhi’s most well-known neighborhoods. Through the nearby Malviya Nagar Metro Station, it provides good access to the metro station. Within a radius of 0.5-2 km, there are several 5-star hotels and medical facilities. All of the significant micro-markets in Delhi NCR are well connected by road and metro to Southern Park Saket.

7. Southern Park, Saket, Delhi

If you’ve been to Delhi’s famous Select City Walk mall in Saket, you’re only a short distance from this place.

Some of the best office space in Delhi/NCR can be found in Southern Park, which is in the heart of Saket. Saket, Sainik Farms, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, and Geetanjali Enclave are some of the area’s most prestigious residential addresses, along with PVR Saket and the Marriott hotel.

Malviya Nagar metro station is the nearest to reach this place. Most of the established brands have chosen this location as their head office.


Here are some of the premium locations for best office space in Delhi/NCR for lease in the region. Having a managed office space in this competitive era helps businesses to streamline processes and maximize productivity by creating the most suitable work environment for the workforce. 

Post-Covid, it has become imperative for businesses to redesign the work structure to empower the workforce with flexibility and ensure work-life balance. Having a managed best office space in Delhi/NCR is not enough to attract the workforce, it is crucial for companies to ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace for the utmost employee satisfaction.


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