office space in Gurugram

Easy ways to get an office space in Gurugram

One of the most significant choices you will make as a business owner is selecting an office space in Gurugram. Your clients will form their initial impressions here, and your employees will work together and flourish in this area.

The atmosphere in the ideal commercial office space in Gurugram fits your company’s culture and your budget. After employees and marketing costs, office operations costs appear as an organisation’s third largest expense. So where can you get office space in Gurugram for a fair price? Here are six easy ways to get an office space in Gurugram..

office space in Gurugram

6 easy ways to get an office space in Gurugram:

  • Start by determining your actual space needs
  • Traditional Vs Coworking in Gurugram
  • Choose the right location
  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Factor in office operations costs
  • Finalise the deal in person

1. Start By Determining Your Actual Space Needs

Although the idea of an extensive roomy office is opulent, do you really need so much space? Determine how much space you actually need before looking for office space in Gurugram.

Many office spaces in Gurugram today use a hybrid model. Therefore, even if you have 50 employees, there might only be 20 of them in the office at once. This implies that you could design an office area that seats roughly 25 people instead of 50.

In order to avoid rapidly outgrowing the office space Gurugram, you should also take into account any increase in employees during the ensuing few quarters.

2. Traditional Vs Coworking Office Space In Gurugram

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of traditional office space Gurugram versus coworking spaces next. The latter has a lot of benefits. Employees can work remotely and commuting is made easier by centralising the office space in Gurugram, which also keeps a professional work environment. Budget-wise, the expenses are significantly lower.

Additionally, only the desks that are needed are included in the rent. The coworking operator handles all overhead expenses including energy, security, housekeeping, etc. It works well for expanding companies that need flexibility.

When your needs are pretty well-known and unlikely to change over the following two to three years, choose a traditional office.

3. Choose The Right Location

The location as well as the square footage have an impact on rentals. In Gurugram, an office on Golf Course Road or MG Road would be significantly more expensive than one near Sohna Road or the Udyog Vihar area. Nevertheless, the location you pick will also have an impact on how clients and employees who visit your company perceive you.

Keep in mind that before they enter your workplace and view the lovely furnishings, they will first observe the surrounding area. Look for office space in Gurugram that has ample parking for your employees and visitors, is on the main road, and is close to a metro station.

Once more, you might discover that a regular office space in such places is out of your price range. However, it is simple to locate Coworking space in Gurugram at affordable pricing and in good locations.

4. Distinguish Between Needs And Wants

Your desired office space in Gurugram might include a stunning glass facade, marble floors, computerised lighting and HVAC systems, etc. But are these actually required? Your company must have ambitious goals, but it also needs to be grounded in reality. Make distinct lists of necessities and desires. The first list includes things like a high-speed internet connection, comfortable chairs, staff lockers, and security. The second list certainly includes things like a break room with a foosball table.

Most of the must haves’ are satisfied if you choose a reputable coworking office space in Gurugram like The Office Pass (TOP). You might even be able to indulge in a few of the desires. For instance, if you set up your own office space in Gurugram, your employees might have to make do with a kettle and tea bags to brew a cup of tea, but a coworking office space in Gurugram might have a tea and coffee maker available.

5. Factor In Office Operations Costs

Don’t just consider the space rental when comparing office space costs from various websites. After renting the space, you’ll need to furnish it with desks and chairs and put in air conditioning, among other things. Other regular operating costs must be included in the rent, such as those for electricity, internet, sanitation, etc. It can significantly reduce your costs.

However, moving into a coworking, shared, or managed office space requires nothing in the way of fit-out costs. Once the lease is completed, your staff may walk into the office and begin working. You also get access to meeting rooms and extra support services as needed in addition to the desk space. Therefore, the required investment is significantly lower.

6. Finalise The Deal In Person

With everything moving online, it can be tempting to look at office space Gurugram listings online before making a phone call to seal the purchase. However, it’s always better to view the area in person and to bargain face-to-face.

Start your search online, but make sure to go to the location and take a look around to evaluate the connectivity, infrastructure, and amenities offered. Is it simple to find the building’s entrance? How far is it from the nearest metro station? Is the area secure at night? If you really must have your own office space in Gurugram, you could base your rent negotiations on these points.

For instance, a space may be described online as being 5 minutes from a metro station, yet the building’s entry may require you to circle the entire block before you can enter.


locating a suitable office space in Gurugram. Many businesses have discovered that using a coworking space has far more perks than using an independent office. Visit Boardwalk India and take a look at our office space in Gurugram, if you’re still assessing the advantages and disadvantages.

Your company’s culture and budgetary constraints are both met by the environment in the right commercial office space. Office operations expenses are the third-largest expense for a corporation, behind employees and marketing. So where in Gurugram can you find office space for a reasonable price? These are six proposals.

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Ans. Here are six ways to get a good office space in Gurugram:

  • Start by determining your actual space needs
  • Traditional Vs Coworking in Gurugram
  • Choose the right location
  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Factor in office operations costs
  • Finalise the deal in person

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