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New Age Technologies Which Help in Finding the Right Office Space

The introduction of cutting-edge real estate technology in this traditional industry of the economy promises to transform how finding right office space is done there for all time. With a global market value of over $7 196 billion, real estate is a major part of the global economy.

In some ways, real estate has lagged behind other corporate sectors in adopting new technology. It was partially brought about by a desire to abandon tried-and-true strategies. The efforts of major businesses to create new age technologies for finding right office space is exclusive tools also slowed down the adoption of real estate technology.

The market has seen a growth in real estate technology in recent years, so these problems are gradually fading and also help in finding right office space for your business.

Moreover, the key players in the market are beginning to see the advantages of investing in and utilising contemporary technology which help in finding right office space.

In 2020, 53% of digital real estate companies will be directly investing in technology, according to the University of Oxford’s paper, Technology and The Future of Real Estate Investment Management. While 56% of Statista respondents said they have already noticed the impact of technology, 42% of respondents admitted they see potential in smart building technologies.

New Age Technologies Which Help in Finding Right Office Space

The ability of a specific real estate technology to add value for its users while finding right office space, will determine whether or not it is successfully adopted in the real-estate industry.

Some characteristics are crucial to users, according to the 2021 NAR Office Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report. They include things like pictures, in-depth information, floor plans, real estate agent contact information, and virtual tours.

1. Automated Rental and Purchasing Property Platforms

Automated Rental and Purchasing Property Platforms

What I would like to refer to as real estate technology for finding right office space, is how customers now find the new office they purchased rather than by meeting with real estate agents.

43% of all purchasers browse online for finding  right office space, office for sale, according to the 2021 NAR Office Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report.

Utilizing automated real estate technology has countless advantages. If they decide not to use these priceless real estate technology tools for finding right office space or buy or sell an office, consumers and real estate experts would be at a clear disadvantage.

2. 3D Virtual House and Apartment Tours - Finding Right Office Space

3D Virtual House

Solutions that let potential buyers take a virtual tour of offices while choosing are closely related to search apps. It’s one of the top real estate technology trends for 2022 which helps in finding right office space as it saves time and money by avoiding the need to go to numerous homes, many of which may be eliminated from the buyer’s list of potential purchases through virtual viewing.

Of course, before making a physical choice, the majority of buyers will want to see the office. However, while finding the right office space, and choosing the greatest fit can save both the customer and the real estate agent a lot of time and money. Additionally, modern VR technologies enable almost lifelike virtual tours of offices where you can quickly inspect the state of the property, interior features, and furniture. Furthermore, real estate photo editing services make it easy to make images as realistic as feasible.

3. Conversational AI - Finding Right Office Space

Conversational AI

Customers finding the right office space for their business requires right technology. Customers of real estate software service need greatest support and communication possible. The error rate should be as close to zero, the contact channels must be accessible around-the-clock, and the response time must be as quick as possible.

When finding right office space, requirements can be easily met by an automated service desk using conversation AI. This technological method goes beyond standard chatbots, making it one of the most significant advancements in real estate technology in 2022. These assistants would be “designed for purpose,” “have a deep set of capabilities,” and be integrated into the enterprise’s end-to-end process landscape, according to Deloitte.

4. Big data - For Finding Right Office Space

office space

The vast amounts of data that are obtained about customer preferences are kept in databases and data warehouses.

According to McKinsey research, machine-learning-based real estate technology/application can predict changes in rent rate with 90% accuracy, while they can only predict changes in other property metrics with 60% accuracy. That can very much assist clients in determining which type of property, such as commercial or non-commercial property, is a better alternative for their investment, and finding the right office space.

5. Blockchain - Finding Right Office Space

office space in noida

The link between blockchain technology and real estate technology might not be obvious to readers who are computer savvy. While many people are aware with the blockchain’s function in cryptocurrencies, it also has several uses in other sectors of the economy, including real estate.

Blockchain technology can be used to verify encrypted transactions and make sure that financial records have not been changed with, it also help in finding right office space for you and your business. It will be beneficial for investing in fractional real estate and enable landlords to sell a portion of their interest in a particular holding.

Important documents like property titles may be safely stored thanks to property technology. The possibility of using the blockchain for further instances in the real estate business has only just begun to be explored and can also support in finding right office space, making it one of the top real estate technology trends in 2022.

6. Fractional Property Investment - Finding Right Office Space

office space in noida

Percentage ownership in an asset is referred to as fractional ownership. When investing in expensive products like vacation, houses or aeroplanes, it is a frequent technique. Fractional property investment is booming for a number of reasons using the real estate technology discussed above.

While finding right office space, for many purchasers, properties are out of their price range due to their high cost. These people or organisations can save money in advance for a full purchase by investing in real estate in smaller amounts.

A communal property’s rental income can be split among all the investors, creating a new source of income. By using a fractional ownership strategy, investors can vary their investments and unleash the value of their property.

7. Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile technology is one of the most effective tools employed in the sector, as seen in the creation of many real estate apps, and also plays major role in finding The right office space for you. Mobile platforms for finding right office space, renting and buying are the most common type of real estate technology.

Compared to the conventional methods of finding The right office space, an apartment or house, these apps have a number of benefits for potential customers. The regular updating of databases allows for more timely information on newly listed properties and those that are no longer accessible.

Apps made specifically for their purposes are also available to consumers interested in buying, selling, or renting real estate. They can assist you in finding The right office space, home of your dreams and connect you with a real estate agent to help with the transaction.

8. Internet of Things (IoT) - Finding Right Office Space

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) make it easier while finding The right office space with smart technologies. The way we live is changing in a number of ways thanks to smart offices, smart homes, apartments, and devices. The Internet of Things (IoT), which powers smart gadgets in general, is one of the most important trends in real estate technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe the process of integrating sensors and computing technologies into many everyday objects. The ultimate objective of this technology is to give people a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

Let’s find in what way IoT technologies are changing our homes, offices and transform them into smart homes. There are three main characteristics of a smart apartment in real estate technology are:

  • Smart amenities include devices such as smart lights and locks and integrated services like home or office cleaning and package delivery.
  • Connectivity is designed into a smart layout when it is built to enable devices, building systems, residents, and management to communicate. Items such as WiFi, smart sensors, and intelligent access controls are benefits afforded by enhanced connectivity.
  • Community management by providing services that save residents time, money, and minor difficulties is the final component of a smart apartment. Built-in event calendars, resident assistance, and on-demand services are some of the features that help property managers and renters build a more vibrant community.

Concerning property websites and real estate platforms, this is one of the most searched innovations in real estate technology. Even while older buildings can be adapted to provide the same level of connectivity, new construction is the ideal location for the implementation of smart apartments and smart offices.

9. Analytics and data management

Analytics and data management

Data management is one of the real estate technology trends that has an impact on real estate, and helps in finding the right office space. Decisions will be influenced by data, and because there is yet no centralised national agent system, new startups will have limitless potential to improve and alter the current procedure. Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity to develop a creative solution for this sector.

You can create an application that will evaluate a sizable amount of data and deliver useful data that real estate market participants or people finding The right office space need in order to make decisions. Your answer, for instance, can demonstrate the dependability of a developer and their buildings.

10. Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction Management

That is a significant real estate technology trend, and we recommend keeping an eye on it while finding The right office space. Time is important to both buyers and agents. As a result, you can develop a method to do away with paper signatures and enable digital ones.

Since the contracts are accessible from any device, the parties to the transaction can be located anywhere in the world.


The world has already experienced technological revolution which will help both buyer and seller, and can make it easy for you while finding the right office space. Their influence is very important for several industries. One of them is real estate. We anticipate real estate technology to become increasingly popular in the coming years.

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