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Security Measures For Protecting Your Office Space

Theft, criminal damage, and cybercrime can all be damaging to your company’s finances and reputation. Business locations must be as secure as possible in order to protect valuable assets. Hence, security measures for office space must be taken into consideration.

There is a good probability that valuable items are kept in any type of office space your company uses, whether they are small offices, workshops, or multi-building office complexes. This may include pricey things like laptops, legal records like client contracts, and even money like petty cash drawers. There is a good chance that the assets will be merged according to the required criteria.

A certain level of security measures for office space are necessary as a result. Effective security measures safeguard the assets and reputation of your company. Additionally, they minimise risk, which lowers the price of insurance premiums.

Even though every company is different, there are a few standard security measures for office space that every company should follow. Here are our top security measures for office space for keeping your business premises as safe and secure as possible.

Regular security checks

How to keep your business safe, and what are the security measures for office space:

1. Install an alarm system

One of the best security measures for office spaces and ways to ward off thieves and keep your company safe is through alarm systems. These electronic systems provide emergency signals to the police or a private security firm in the event of a break-in. It is possible to do this through a phone or internet connection. In response, a security officer may be sent to your location.

Two-way communication devices are also used by advanced systems. Voice intercoms and CCTV are some of these. In light of this, an alarm system can deter theft by catching the offender in the act. This one from the list of security measures for office space may act as an added deterrent to illicit activities.

2. Install CCTV

A major criminal deterrent at a workplace is the installation of CCTV. Security personnel can use CCTV systems that can be used in addition to alarm systems in real time to capture criminals as they commit crimes. This one from the list of security measures for office spaces can assist you and the police in finding any connected parties.

It’s critical to thoroughly examine installation locations before installing CCTV cameras. Make sure that cameras are positioned to cover the largest possible area. It’s also crucial to place cameras in well-lit areas for effective nighttime monitoring, and security measures for office space.

3. Make use of effective lighting

The use of effective lighting as one of the security measures for office space is key. The majority of burglaries—60%—happen at night. In light of this, putting quality security lighting outside your property can significantly improve safety. Lighting can give criminals the impression that they are being watched, which deters them from taking the risk of breaking in. Of course, adequate lighting also makes it easier for passersby to notice a break-in attempt.

The most often used kind of security measures for office space is lighting, which is motion-sensitive lighting. These intelligent gadgets track movement using passive infrared signals. The security light turns on when a person enters the sensor’s range of view. Because of this, a business can benefit from more security lighting without having to worry about the extra expense of keeping a light on all the time.

4. Keep important documents under lock and key

If secret documents are stolen or misplaced, it might spell trouble for your company. Data breaches brought on by exposed client information may result in financial consequences for your company. This means that it’s crucial to keep all documents that contain sensitive information secure. Safes, filing cabinets, and drawers are all suitable security measures for office space and for keeping important documents under lock and key.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to store digital copies of each document on an off-site hard drive or on the cloud. Check out this post for more security measures for office space.

5. If cash is left onsite, use a safe

Security measures for office space include safe use. All money should be kept in a safe, whether you have entire daily floats on-site or only small sums of petty cash. The best safes to use in workplaces are those that have received the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) seal of approval. Your best bet for keeping your money secure is an AiS-approved safe, which several insurance providers also suggest. Thus, if you can prove that you use a high-quality AiS safe, your premiums might be decreased.

6. Use device locks

Tablets and laptops are often the targets of burglaries. In this tip on security measures for office space, use device locks. This is a result of their expensiveness and lightweight nature. However, your company may make it extremely difficult for potential thieves to steal these devices by implementing simple device locks. Gadget locks are essentially metal wires that secure a gadget to an immovable object, like a table or a wall, and are made to function similarly to a bike lock. These security measures for office space and accessories are reasonably priced, simple to install, and might prevent a crime from costing your company thousands of pounds.

7. Introduce ID passes for building entry

ID passes, which can be keys, fobs, cards, or other objects, are excellent security measures for office space and a way to make your office space safe. Passes are offered for both staff and visitors, and they have two benefits. First of all, they have control over who enters your building during the day. This can stop potential criminal activity by bystanders. Second, security passes can assist a company in tracking down who entered the building when and for how long. In the event of a crime, this can help you identify those who might be involved.

8. Join a 'business watch'

Business watch programmes, which operate on a similar premise as neighbourhood watch programmes, are growing in popularity. Through such efforts, a group of business owners can directly notify the police of break-ins or other crimes. Local business watches are given a police contact who can visit participants and offer further security guidance. This might assist your company in identifying any security flaws in your workplace before they are used against you. Security measures for office space are essential for every type of business.

9. Lock your server room

Make sure the actual servers you have in your office have their own room, if you have any. It acts as a security measures for office space. The majority of businesses have a separate room that is shut off from the rest of the building and has its own cooling system. Your IT staff is the only one with access to this space.

Nobody will be able to physically access your most sensitive information if you lock the server room. Most of the time, if you have physical access to a computer, usernames and passwords are meaningless. A USB device can be used to switch operating systems and change passwords.

10. Regular security checks

Once security measures for office space have been improved be sure to frequently check all security systems and go over security measures with employees. Make sure that your systems and entry points are being monitored effectively as well.


One of your main concerns should be making sure your office is secure for both you and your employees. You can start down the path by implementing the above mentioned office security measures.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ans. 10 security measures for office space to secure your office building are:

  • Install an alarm system
  • Install CCTV
  • Make use of effective lighting
  • Keep important documents under lock and key
  • If cash is left onsite, use a safe
  • Use device locks
  • Introduce ID passes for building entry
  • Join a ‘business watch’
  • Lock Your Server Room
  • Regular security checks

Ans. Secure Workspace is a security solution that allows remote users to connect to enterprise network resources safely and securely. The Secure Workspace virtual workspace provides a secure environment on endpoint computers that is segregated from the “real” workspace.

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