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Unlock Success: 10 Powerful Vastu Tips to Transform Office Space

People frequently make an effort to ensure that Vastu tips to transform office space are followed in order to bring prosperity and fortune to their companies. Every action you do at work, such as handling funds or maintaining company stability, is said to be influenced by vaastu shastra. If used appropriately, vastu shastra can genuinely improve your office space, financial situation, and general well-being. We dig into some of the best Vastu tips to transform office space or workplace design that you can use to help you reach financial prosperity and business stability.

Vastu tips for conference/meeting rooms:

Vastu tips to transform office space – conference and meeting rooms. The north-west is the ideal direction for a conference or meeting room, according to Vastu. Staff members in marketing and sales are also advised to follow this path because they need inspiration to work better. In this area, you might also create a waiting area.

Vastu tips for choosing office furniture:

  1. Items like files, paperwork, and electronic devices like computers must be stored on the left side of the table for workstations facing north. If you have a home office, the southwest corner of the table is recommended by Vastu.
  2. The storage area should be on the right side of workstations facing east.
  3. Never eat at your desk or workstation since doing so disrespects your line of work.
  4. According to Vastu tips to transform office space, it is advisable to utilise steel furniture in the office. Make sure the sides and edges of any wooden furniture you use are rounded rather than sharp. If you have wooden furniture, polish it with a light colour.
  5. Vastu states that an office chair should have a high back, be comfortable and roomy, and provide appropriate lumbar and arm support. According to Vastu tips to transform office space, give the chair a touch of red for a promotion. Overall, having white cushions or chairs is beneficial. Iron chairs should not be used in offices, according to Vastu. Never utilise a damaged chair or an upholstered chair with faded or discoloured fabric since doing so is unlucky. It is better to fix or replace it.

Vastu tips to transform office space - Shape of office desk:

  1. Desks and workstations should never be L-shaped or have any other irregular shapes as this could lead to confusion and hold-ups in the completion of tasks.
  2. Business owners, especially entrepreneurs, must make sure their desk is square or rectangular in shape and is constructed from high-quality wood. Metal or glass-topped tables should be avoided since they are unlucky for expanding businesses.

Office Vastu: Placement of office files in the shelf -

  • Southwest: The southwest corner of the south wall is where you should keep your estate and purchase-related documents. The southwest is a good place to store documents related to personal matters, raw materials, stores, and income taxes.
  • Northwest: This approach should be followed while keeping files for sales, finished items, litigation, pending bill receivables, and import and export. The northwest corner of the north wall is where one can store shared files.
  • Southeast: According to workplace Vastu rules, accounts files must be kept facing southeast for vastu tips to transform office space.

Vastu Shastra tips for the factory office:

The office should be placed in a factory facing north or east. The owner, MD, or CEO should always face north or east when conducting business deals in order to secure revenues. Make sure there isn’t a beam hanging over the table as mentioned for vastu tips to transform office space.

Vastu Shastra for south-facing office

According to Vastu, the site should be square or rectangular if the office is facing south. The construction of large structures is possible in the west and south. Make sure the office space’s northeast and eastern corners have an open room. Since this results in financial rewards, the office floor slope should always be towards the north-east, east, or north direction. Red or maroon should be the colour of the shutter. If a glass entryway must be constructed, only have it on the south-east side, as recommended in vastu tips to transform office space.

The office block should be similar in height and shape from all four sides. There should be no heavy structures in the office’s hub (Brahmasthan). As mentioned in vastu tips to transform office space, the northeast area shouldn’t have any water tanks.

The office’s head should be seated on the south or west side of the space, with their face towards north or east. The ideal office desk is rectangular in design. Light colours should be used to paint the office, while black and brown should be avoided. The entrances and windows should be located in the office’s eastern or northernmost corners.

Home Office Vastu tips to transform office space:

Here are some Vastu tips to transform your office space, and to make sure your home office has a balanced environment and boosts productivity because working from home has become the new norm:

  1. The west or south-west is the ideal direction to face when positioning your home office desk. During business hours, you must stand facing northeast. It should be arranged so that no balcony, window, or entrance is blocked. Additionally, it improves concentration and reduces stress.
  2. Avoid sitting with a wall at the back when setting up a home office. Additionally, avoid sitting close to doors.
  3. To create an inviting ambiance in a separate room that can be turned into an office, choose neutral hues like pale yellow, cream, and light green. Green supports mental, physical, and spiritual harmony, while yellow brings health. You might also go with bright gold, which represents success and productivity.
  4. Avoid using black because it symbolises negativity. Entrepreneurs should steer clear of blue since it represents water that could upset their emotions or result in health issues.
  5. The desk should be square or rectangular in shape. Make sure the dining table does not have a glass top if one is working on one. The work chair should be pleasant, roomy, and high enough to reach the user’s head.
  6. The desk’s west or south-west corner should include the drawers.
  7. On the desk in the northwest corner, keep a tiny globe. For the individual, this will open up new prospects for work abroad.

Vastu tips to transform office space and for office decor items:

As mentioned, vastu tips to transform office spaces consist of certain decorative things for offices that are thought to bring its occupants a lot of luck and wealth according to Vastu shastra. Here is a list of some of these things:

  • Buddha statue at the entrance
  • Fish aquariums
  • Plants and flowers.
  • Paintings like the auspicious seven running horses painting.

Vastu tips for temple in the office:

The northeastern corner of the office should house the temple or idol of the lord that one worships. Keep the temple facing east in the event that this is not practicable. According to Vastu experts, the Ganesha statue can be placed at the entryway, but its back should face the main entrance of the office. Try to maintain the temple tidy at all times, and adorn it with new flowers and incense. Vastu objects for the office include auspicious statues like Buddha or Ganesha idols.

Vastu tips for selecting plots for office:

Shermukhi plots are appropriate for constructing an office, factory or any other commercial building according to the Vastu shastra to build offices. Plots of this kind start out wide and develop increasingly narrow. According to vastu tips to transform office spaces, one needs to pick a plot that is closer to heavily travelled routes.

Vastu tips for basement office:

A basement office placed incorrectly may have adverse effects on the company. Construction of the office basement should be done with the land’s east or north direction. Make sure the east and north sides have extra room. According to vastu tips to transform office space, lofts and mezzanine floors should face south, west or south-west.

Vastu tips for office parking:

The allocated parking space must be used, which is to the north-west of the office building. Parking lots should not be allowed in the northeast.

Vastu tips for office lawn:

One of the Vaastu tips to transform office space that should be followed is to maintain the outdoor area.

Planting trees, according to Vastu Shastra, attracts good energy. The north-east, north, and east should be created with small lawns free of trees. Create wide lawns with trees on the west and south sides.

Vastu tips for guardroom and staff quarters:

The guardroom keeps an eye on people entering the building and on vehicles. The northwest direction is the best location for the guardroom. The staff quarters should be positioned in the northwest corner. The southeast direction is an additional option.

Vastu for boss’ cabin

According to vastu tips to transform office space, the boss’s cabin should be in the west or south-west region. While seated in the cabin, the top management should face either the north or the east. A wall should also be present behind the manager’s chair. Behind the chair, there shouldn’t be any religious images. Wood should be used to make the table. The north-east corner of the cabin is where the door should be. The cabin or office should have a square or rectangular shape.


In order to bring success and wealth to their businesses, people frequently make an effort to make sure that Vastu tips to transform office space are followed. Everyone believes that vaastu shastra has an impact on every decision you make at work, including how you handle money. Vastu shastra can bring success and general wellbeing to your workplace if it is used correctly. You can apply the greatest Vastu tips to transform office space in this article to help you achieve financial security and long-term business success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

According to vastu tips to transform office space, one shoul prefer the east or northern direction, for best work performance.

Greenery represents air, as per Vastu. So, hang green paintings in the east or north-side of the office. Paintings depicting green fields or forests attract growth and better career opportunities.

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